Easily Sit and Stand With a Lift Chair

Are you finding it more difficult to get up from your old couch or recliner? If sitting down and standing up is a near impossible task to do on your own, then it's time to purchase a lift chair.

Lift chairs have the ability to lean forward to your exact preference, taking the pressure off of your joints by placing you in a near standing position.

Benefit Medically From a Lift Chair

Some special medical conditions such as poor blood circulation, pain in the neck, and shoulder sores may be relieved with the use of a lift chair.

It's important to discuss the best options for your recovery with your doctor and then come into In & Out Mobility to select your new lift chair.

A Huge Selection of In-Store Lift Chairs

  • Chair lifts
  • Variety of colors
  • Array of styles
  • Fabrics
  • Special orders are available